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Goodstart Early Learning Centre Magill (For Leyton Property)





Leyton Property



Magill, SA


About the Client



Leyton Property is an Adelaide based developer focused on the Retail, Office, Childcare and Health sectors.


Goodstart is Australia's largest provider of early learning and childcare. Not-for-profit.


New Build


Investment:   $1.65 mill
Timeframe:   7 months
Size:   690m2 building, 635m2 play area, 654m2


Project Description

This 90-place Goodstart Early Learning Centre was designed to complement the surrounding architecture while providing six age-based learning spaces with direct access for all children to the outdoor playspaces.


A combination of brickwork and lightweight cladding veneer was used to form the main building envelope. The project team were able to integrate a new style guide into the construction of the centre without causing any unwanted delays. Externally, the team worked to overcome some challenges including retaining walls, formed slab edges and DDA ramping complexities from street level into the facility.


Sagle was engaged by Leyton Property to build another two new Goodstart Early Learning Centres. Click here to view Goodstart Clearview and Goodstart Cheltenham.